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The latest gadgets for review

Apologies for the big gap in postings, there is a lot going on here at astrostace headquarters. This wont be a long post but i have received quite a few different bits of kit for review. Hopefully i will have videos , reviews and write ups done on them soon (if the skies ever clear again!).

A list of equipment that I have here so far:

A Celestron RASA 8 and the associated light pollution filter(thank you David Hinds ltd)

An Altair Astro Hypercam 294C Pro Tec (Thanks altair!)

A Pegasus Astro Focus Cube V2 and the associated hand controller (Many thanks Pegasus Astro).

So far i have done an unboxing video on the RASA 8 and the focus cube, next up will be a video on how to fit the focus cube and hopefully first light with the RASA8!!!

As always thanks to all the folks who read/ watch my content. Clear skies :)

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